Installation Sheet: Crawl Space Insulation

Crawlspace InsulationThere are many reasons to insulate crawlspaces with InfraStop® insulation. Using Foil Double Bubble InfraStop® reduces heat loss and keeps floors warmer. It also prevents condensation from causing mold and bacterial growth as well as prevents ground moisture from causing dry-rot. InfraStop® is an excellent vapor and radon barrier and deters insects and rodents from nesting.


Method #1: Between Joists:

  1. Do not use fibrous insulation between your floor joists.
  2. Using 16" wide rFoil Double Bubble Foil with Staple Tabs, staple the material between the joists, 2-4" beneath the sub-floor.
  3. Seal the ends using 3" wide tape.
  4. If the width of the joists are irregular, consider using a 36" or 48" roll of material and cutting to fit.

Method #2: Under Joists

  1. Staple InfraStop® Double Bubble Foil to the Ring Box Joist
  2. Run the InfraStop® along the underside of the joists, stapling to the joists every 4-6".
  3. Seal all of the seams using 3" wide reflective foil tape.
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