InfraStop® Window Insulation - Keeping Things Cool

This post may very well be one of our favorites. A customer contacted us about using InfraStop® as window insulation. CK was using shipping boxes from FedEx® to keep his home office cool in Vancouver, Canada. The details of his project are as follows. CK's home office is a small den measuring approximately 200 square feet with a west facing 8' x 10' window wall. His comments are below in italics.

"Just wanted to say thanks very much. This product works very well in keeping the heat out. From the photos you will note that earlier I had used FedEx® boxes on windows to keep the heat off and the temperature at the windows (this is May in Vancouver, Canada) and is reading almost 40°C (104°F). But in the peak of summer last year the temperature would touch 47°C to 50°C (116°F to 122°F) at the windows and inside of the room was unbearable. This is a small office since I work from home and with 33°C to 35°C (91.4°F to 95°F) in the room it would be simply unbearable to work between 3pm to 8pm and even after the sun went down the temperature of the room would still be 29°C (84.2°F) when the outside temperature would be 22°C (71.6°F).

"I placed the InfraStop® last week and waited for the full force of the sun on the windows. Surprisingly and for the first time since last year I was able to work comfortably in my office with room temperature now between 24-25°C (75.2-77°F)."

"I have also placed this on bedroom window which had similar issue and now it's cool as ever! Thanks again."

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