Comparing InfraStop® Foil Insulation to Ecofoil, Prodex, Reflectix and Others

Foil insulation is used everywhere from agricultural buildings to barns to packaging and transportation. This list is endless. If you want a full list of applications for foil insulation, click the link to see more.

InfraStop® insulation has advantages over other brands. As we always say, reflective foil insulation is not created equal. First, our products are all made in the United States. We don't deal with imports. This means everything is tested to the highest of ASTM standards.

There are advantages to buying reflective insulation from Insulation Stop as well. We make products to order. This means there are no products sitting around in an overstocked warehouse. If product changes occur or code requirements and testing methods change, InfraStop® products are available immediately and in line with industry changes.

We are the only supplier that can offer a full line of product sizes for all applications whether large or small. Our custom size ability allows for simpler and faster installs in large projects where specific sizing may be required. We compliment this flexibility by offering rolls in all configurations. Double and single bubble foil is available in both foil/foil and foil/white options. And don't forget about our multi-layered concrete pad for a vapor barrier and low cost thermal break for use under concrete slabs and around foundation walls.

Whether shopping for Ecofoil, Prodex, Reflectix, AtticFoil, RadiantGuard, or any of the other reflective insulation brands on the market, make sure you have compared them to InfraStop®. Get foil insulation samples here to ensure you are buying the best. Please specify the product type you are interested in from our large selection.

And if you already know the size and configuration you are looking for, you can find your product within seconds using our easy search page to shop foil insulation.

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