InfraStop® Foil Insulation used in Thermal Remediation Building Construction

Typically, companies specializing in thermal remediation will come to a home or building to remediate the premises. But what happens if you want to bring furniture into your home or facility. One company, understanding this limitation, converted an existing garage and used our foil insulation to construct a thermal remediation site that you can bring furniture, clothes, and bedding to prior to entering your property.

We think their business is a great idea. You should be able to purchase items and not have to worry about bugs and other unforeseen pests. We are big fans of craigslist, craft fairs, flea markets, or anywhere individual transactions can happen. Also, the quality of older or previously owned goods is often superior to many products available today.  Items purchased in these marketplaces may be a perfect candidate for thermal remediation.

When they decided to use our InfraStop® insulation to construct their local remediation site we asked if they would share some project pictures with us and they did. After researching their business to create this post we learned that thermal remediation and bug and other pests issues are a big deal. Check out some of these videos about bedbugs here if you don’t think so.

We would like to thank our customer for offering a service that can be really helpful to a wide range of people and for using our products. Thank you, Heartfelt Homecare in Ohio for sharing your images and your story with us.

The image gallery bellows shows our InfraStop® foil insulation being used to create their hot room. The job of InfraStop® is to reflect radiant heat and it is the perfect material to use when constructing a thermal remediation room. We hope you enjoy the images and visit Heartfelt Homecare’s website here at to learn more about their thermal remediation services.

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