InfraStop® Double Bubble - An Effective Pool Insulation

Summer is here and pool season is underway for all areas of the country. Depending on where you live some folks will be trying to warm their pools up and others will be trying to cool theirs down.

Our InfraStop® double bubble is an effective thermal barrier to help you keep heat where you want it and is effectively used as pool insulation. Check out a few of these photos of InfraStop® foil insulation used to insulate this above ground pool. We appreciate and want to thank our customer K.E for providing the images.

Although technically not a radiant barrier in this application, our low profile insulation provides an effective thermal break between the pool wall and side of the pool.  The science of heat transfer states that warm will move to cold. InfraStop® bubble insulation creates a thermal break helping to slow this heat transfer.

In K.E's situation, he is in Canada, north of North Dakota and wanted to keep heat in. We asked him after how he thought the InfraStop® was performing and he said "All things worked out well and yes I'm very pleased with the results. I notice that my heater runs less and my solar heat keeps up for the most part. We've had cool rains and cool nights to prove it."

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