InfraStop® Concrete Insulation - Customer Project - New Jersey Post Frame Barn

Thank you to B.P. for the awesome photos of his concrete slab pour in his new pole barn located in Central New Jersey.

InfraStop® concrete insulation is ideal for use in residential and commercial applications. There are several attributes that make InfraStop® concrete insulation a good choice for under slab and under slab radiant heat applications.

Lightweight and flexible but tough, InfraStop® concrete insulation is a vapor barrier so you don't have to use poly plastic sheets. Unlike poly, InfraStop® is also a radon and methane barrier. It's a rolled product so handling and moving around the job site is easy.  Installation is fast allowing you to cover large square footage projects quickly. Installing InfraStop® is also easy with just a razor knife and seam tape. Because it's flexible InfraStop® will contour to uneven grades without cracking. And, compared to the price of rigid foam board insulation, the material costs are much less.

Take a look at this great slab pour for B.P's pole barn. The barn is located in Central New Jersey.

B.P. Thanks again for the pictures.

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