The Benefits of Using Reflective Bubble Insulation for HVAC Insulation

HVAC Duct Wrap InsulationToday's HVAC systems are engineered for optimal energy efficiency. At the same time, the ductwork that transports conditioned air hasn't been updated for many years. Ductwork provides no insulation value for warm or cool air between the HVAC unit and the room that the air is transferred to.

As the conditioned air travels through the ductwork, up to 30 percent of it can escape through inadequately sealed joints and holes. In addition, the conditioned air loses its temperature. The end result is lower energy efficiency, increased utility expenses and reduced indoor air comfort.

Insulating buildings or homes with reflective bubble insulation is the ideal solution for this waste of energy. This duct wrap insulation provides up to an R-8 value by reflecting convective heat and radiant heat. Using this type of HVAC insulation around ducts helps prevent air leaks and increases the efficiency of the ductwork. There are also other advantages of reflective bubble insulation. When compared to other types of duct wrap insulation like fiberglass, this HVAC insulation is easy to install with its flexible and lightweight characteristics.

It can be easily cut and glued, nailed or stapled into place. It's safe to handle and requires no special breathing equipment or clothing. Use it for both hot and cold extreme temperatures. This HVAC insulation also functions as a vapor barrier and its performance is not affected by moisture.

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