Housewraps and Radiant Barriers

foil house wrap radiant barrierHousewraps are now common place on buildings and have two major functions. They reduce the flow of air in and out of a home. They stop liquid water transfer but allow water vapor to pass through the material.  This allows accumulated moisture to escape from the inside of the home but does not allow any exterior liquid water such as rain or snow to enter.

Our Foil House Wrap 54-200 is a revolutionary new product that has all the features of standard housewrap but also has the energy saving aspects of a radiant barrier. The radiant barrier foil layer is laminated to a six mil layer of polyethylene that is pin perforated for the correct amount of breath ability. The product has achieved an R-3.8 and a perm rating of 22. It's a superior air infiltration barrier that seals up any cracks and gap in exterior sheathing but also is a radiant barrier that blocks up to 96% of radiant heat transfer.

If you are not already purchasing this material as a replacement to your usual housewrap, try it today. You will be glad you did. You get two products for one at a cost less than what you have been paying shipped right to your door or jobsite.

Please contact us with any questions. Thanks for shopping at, your leading supplier of reflective foil bubble and radiant barrier insulation.

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