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  • InsulationStop New Attic Radiant Barrier Foil

    Welcome to the official introduction of our new line of attic radiant barriers. In order to fulfill our pledge of providing you with the best insulation at the best prices, we are pleased to introduce our new line of foil, Attic Radiant Barrier Maximum.

    At a 28 lb. weight per 1,000 square feet is the strongest weight available on the market. It's strong enough for any residential or commercial project and will not tear making installation much easier. It's also energy star approved.

    It's available in either perforated or non-perforated. Attic Radiant Barrier Max ships fast via UPS, sometimes the same day of order. Delivery to anywhere in the country is usually within 4 business days.

    Our RB Max Foil ships "Free" so the price you see online is the price you pay. Additional discounts are given for multi-roll orders.

    RB Maximum is offered in the following sizes for any general purpose or attic radiant barrier insulation application.

    48" x 250' PerforatedInsulationStop Heavy Duty Radiant Barriers 48" x 250' Non-Perforated 48" x 125' Perforated 48" x 125' Non-Perforated 26" x 250' Perforated 24" x 250' Perforated 24" x 250' Non-Perforated 24" x 125' Perforated 18" x 250' Perforated 16" x 250' Perforated 16" x 250' Non-Perforated

    Click on this link for our Attic Radiant Barrier Foil Insulation Category Page. On this page are videos and illustrations as well as our products to better help you understand your attic how to properly insulate.

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