• InfraStop® IR Radiant Barrier - Metal Roof in Central Florida

    Thanks P.G for sharing your project with us. P.G’s shop is in Central Florida, West of Orlando and was not insulated. With a metal roof, this wood framed building was unbearable in the summer months. P.G. was looking for a tough radiant barrier so we sent down samples of our InfraStop IR radiant barrier, the heaviest and toughest product on the market today.

    Take a look at his project pictures he was kind enough to share with us. We checked back with P.G. after the install to see how our insulation was reflecting the Florida heat and here is what he had to say. You won’t believe the temperature difference is his shop.

    InsulationStop: Regarding the insulation, how is everything working out? Do you notice a difference?

    P.G: The installation process was smooth and easy. The product has made a huge difference for us. Our building has seen a 30 degree temperature drop. I am very pleased! Thank you, P.G

    Thanks again for being a customer of ours and sharing your project. We really appreciate your business and feedback.

  • Study on Reflective Roofs in Residential Buildings

    In 1998, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) completed a comprehensive report detailing the effect of solar reflectance on annual heating and cooling costs. There test data came from a tremendous amount of live measurements ran through a computer program.

    TARP or Thermal Analysis Research Program is a program capable of computing hour by hour temperature data on a varietey of conditions within a building. They tested from a variety of locations including.

    • Miami, Florida
    • Phoenix, Arizona
    • Birmingham, Alabama
    • Washington, DC
    • Portland, Maine
    • Bismarck, North Dakota

    The result is a great analysis on the effect that roof reflectivity had on annual heating and cooling costs in different areas in the country.

    We must warn you. The report is lengthy. Here are links directly to the reports Economic Discussion and Summary/Conclusion sections for those who want to get right to it.

    If you are interested in reflectivity and radiant barrier technology you will enjoy the entire report. Please click the link to view the report from the beginning.

    Please enjoy. There is some really great information included.

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