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  • Extinguishing the Flames for Radiant Barrier Fire Testing

    Radiant Barrier Fire Ratings E-84-12 E2599

    There has been a lot of commotion in the radiant barrier insulation industry regarding the ASTM’s changes in their fire testing for radiant barriers and reflective insulation.  The most current ASTM test for reflective insulation is the ASTM E84-12 & E2599 Fire Test.

    To understand how this affects you and the insulation you buy requires an explanation in the process of testing.  All building materials, including insulation are evaluated in accordance with the ASTM Test Method E84 Tunnel Test.  The current test is ASTM E84-12 “Standard Test Method for Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials”.

    In 2010 the ASTM revised their E84-10 test for radiant barriers and reflective insulation resulting in a new mounting method for testing reflective insulations and radiant barriers in the E84 tunnel test.

    The new mounting method is the ASTM E2599.  The new mounting method was designed to allow the product tested to more closely resemble standard building applications.

    Why is this important to you?  The ASTM International Annual Book of Standards for 2012 back to 2010 and forward requires reflective insulation and radiant barriers to be tested under the E84 Fire Rating test to use the ASTM 2599 mounting method.  Almost all building code organizations such as the IRC, IECC, and IBC as well as insurance companies refer to ASTM for fire testing methods.

    Many radiant barriers on the market pass the Class A / Class 1 fire rating but have not passed or do not pass with the new mounting method.  Only products that have passed the E84 fire test using E2599 mounting method will PASS CODE.  This applies to both new construction and remodeling work.

    There are many products to choose from on the market and not all of have passed the new mounting method.  When purchasing radiant barriers, insist on knowing they have passed the current testing.  The new testing method has made all non-conforming products obsolete.  At InsulationStop, all of our InfraStop™ Radiant Barrier has passed and exceeded all industry tests.  Click or call today.

  • Foil Insulation, Fire, and Fire Rating Video

    In the radiant barrier world, there is a lot of talk about fire ratings. Here's an important video regarding fire rating with bubble foil insulation. Intertek is a worldwide group of testing laboratories for the textile, footwear, toys, petroleum and chemical industries. Covertech is the manufacturer of rFoil. This is worth watching. All of the products we sell on the InsulationStop or any of our stores, pass this fire testing. All of the insulation we sell is approved by the Reflective Insulation Manufacturers Association or RIMA.

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