crawlspace insulation

  • Crawlspace Insulation: An Ideal Bubble Foil Application

    Crawlspace Insulation - Staple TabIf we had to name one of the best performing applications for our Tempshield bubble foil, it would have to be for crawlspace insulation. Solid r-values are achieved in this application as well as foil insulation's proven ability in moisture prone areas. There are two standard insulation methods.

    You can run insulation perpendicular to the bottom of the floor joists or use Tempshield staple tab foil insulation to insulate between the floor joists. Either way you've created a radiant barrier to block the transfer of radiant heat.

    This installation is also perfect for beneath floors with radiant heat. When you insulate under the floor joist, the lost radiant heat from the floor is reflected back decreasing your energy demand. This is especially important in crawlspaces that are not air sealed during your heating season. You can easily have a 50 degree temperature swing between the inside temperature of your home and that of your crawlspace. Putting a radiant barrier in place can be a quick, inexpensive project that can insulate a key area of your home with immediate savings in your heating bills.

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