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  • Radiant Barrier and Foil Insulation Taught in Europe

    Once in awhile it's fun to do something a little different. We recently sent samples over to Ireland. Not for a project or job we were doing, but for a teacher.

    A professor contacted us. He was interested in obtaining samples of radiant barriers and bubble foil insulation he could use in his instructions with his students.

    He is teaching the class on construction of domestic dwellings. His current lessons are in teaching about passive design and the importance of insulation and how:

    "...due to badly constructed houses; with minimal insulation and poor air tightness, the homeowners are dishing out vast amounts of money on heating.  I really want to be able to show the different types of insulations, different methods of installing them and show the advantages of bubble foil insulation. I feel by having the products for the pupils to examine, it would make the concept and information encountered easier to grasp."

    We couldn't agree more, especially when it comes to radiant heat which is neither seen nor heard. With material present, you can actually feel radiant heat reflecting back.

    Good luck Professor Page with your class and your students. Understanding energy efficiency and insulating concepts is a great way to ensure they understand how to save on their energy costs which will be significant over the course of their lives. Thanks for contacting the InsulationStop and sharing your story.

    For other teachers or educators that need radiant barrier bubble foil samples please use the link to our contact us page.

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