Concrete Barrier Foil: Under Slab Radiant Barrier Insulation

If you are pouring concrete and intend to build a heated space on the slab, rFoil's Ultra CBF or Concrete Barrier Foil is for you.

Ultra CBF has a patented design consisting of a bubble/foil/bubble detail or bubbles to the exterior and foil to the interior. This ensures the reflective barrier is never in contact with the concrete. The bubbles are industrial strength, specifically designed for use under concrete.

Reflective foil insulation blocks the transfer of radiant heat, allowing for a warmer, drier basement that loses less energy. Foil insulation is impervious to water and moisture making it ideal in basement applications.

Ultra Concrete Barrier rFoil is easy to install even on rough grade. The roll size is 48" x 125' or 500 square feet making transportation and installation much easier than competitive foam products.

Ultra CBF is also an approved vapor and methane barrier, making the addition of standard vapor barrier unnecessary.

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