Choosing Radiant Barrier Foil or Bubble Foil Insulation?

In the foil insulation industry, there are many names used to describe the actual products that consumers use. Some of these names are confusing to those without experience working with foil insulation. This quick video is designed to let you easily determine the major differences between the products, specifically radiant barriers and bubble foil insulation.

2 thoughts on “Choosing Radiant Barrier Foil or Bubble Foil Insulation?”

  • Drew

    Nice video, short and sweet, just gave it a thumbs up on Youtube. I pretty much just do spray foam. What's the R-Value on that bubble foil?

    • Insulation Stop
      Insulation Stop March 10, 2011 at 10:05 am

      Thanks for the YouTube vote! Bubble Foil is not measured in R-Values like fiberglass insulation is. R-Values for fiberglass are derived from perfect testing methods in sealed chambers. The thickness of the insulation drives up the R-Value. Radiant barriers are designed to reflect radiant heat. Testing has been done is various assemblies however and R-Value increases have been recorded. Do you have a specific application in mind?

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