Carpet Pad Radiant Barrier Insulation

Carpet Pad with Radiant Barrier Foil Insulation Did you know you can create a radiant barrier under your carpet? Reflective Foil Insulation makes this possible. Creating a radiant barrier in your floors stops heat loss and helps to save energy.

Unlike thin sheet radiant barriers or attic products, reflective bubble insulation can be used as carpet padding to provide a barrier against radiant heat.

Radiant barriers, house-wraps, and attic radiant barriers are great; due to their thin nature however they have no thermal break. Reflective bubble foil insulation can be used. The bubbles provide a thermal break between the reflective aluminum.

You can also use reflective bubble foil as a carpet pad in your basement. You simply need a specific product designed for use with concrete. The patented design for InfraStop® Under Concrete Insulation is a bubble/foil/bubble or bubbles to the exterior and the foil in the middle. This bubble barrier keeps the reflective aluminum away from the concrete. Our concret pad is designed for under concrete slab use. The compression rate on the bubble strength is industrial grade.

Carpet padding is expensive. Take a look at some square footage prices and compare. The installation is the same. Make sure to tape any seams with reflective foil tape.

4 thoughts on “Carpet Pad Radiant Barrier Insulation”

  • BoB Baker

    I have a family room that is lower than rest of house. It is a concrete slab. This room is cold from the knees down. It appears that your product should help.

    does your thermal barrier pad install right under carpet or a normal
    under pad?

    depending on answer to above question, what thickness does your pad add to installation.

    price and delivery?



    • Insulation Stop
      Insulation Stop August 19, 2011 at 7:48 pm

      Bob: In your situation I would look to put as much material between myself and the slab. You need to ensure if you use insulation and carpet pad together, the floor has the right feel for you. The material is 5/16". Here is delivered pricing for ULtra CBF. At 140 PSI Compression Strength, this stuff is the strongest on the market.

  • Jeff

    I'm looking for the same type of insulation, but at least 1" thick. Thanks.

    • Insulation Stop
      Insulation Stop August 17, 2014 at 1:18 am


      There are no reflective type insulations that we are aware of that are thicker than 5/16". You would be into a reflective foam board material but we would not advise that for under carpet use.

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