Buying Foil Insulation & Radiant Barriers at Home Depot or Lowe's?

As Home Depot and Lowe's continue to battle it out for mass merchant supremacy, it's no longer noted how much their emergence and continued growth has changed the marketplace.

Fifteen years ago, building materials were sold primarily through your local lumberyard. They in turn were supplied by specialty building material distributors; a millwork distributor whose service area would include one city up to an entire US region would provide all of the doors, windows, trim, columns, etc. A lumber distributor would provide all of the lumber and so forth.

Today much of this has changed. Home Depot and Lowe's have captured most of this market. All of the products they stock are lower in cost than you can find in a lumberyard. And, the price difference is generally significant. Coupled with great locations in urban areas and longer hours, it's easy to see why consumers shop their stores.

This has closed many lumberyards over the years. The change in the supply line has put many distributors out of business or distinctly changed their business. Manufacturers as well as Home Depot and Lowe's themselves have created or purchased their own distribution facilities. The older way of doing business is over.

What's left of the old distribution chain and the supply houses that survived? They sell some of the same products these two mass merchants stock only at a higher price. The focus has been on products the home centers do not stock. On all specialty products or special order products you can generally still do better at your local supply house. Throughout this evolution good supply houses have perfected their quality and service so they can deliver their product as low as the market will bear.

For specialty insulation, this is where we step in. We are your supply house for radiant barriers and reflective cellular or bubble foil insulation. We are available to you locally in Indianapolis, IN and Albany, NY. We ship right to you anyway. We offer the best products anywhere, guaranteed. We offer these products at the best prices guaranteed.

Neither the Home Depot, Lowe's, nor your local supply house in most cases has these products ready for you right on the floor. They can bring them in for you. But you won't get the best price, and there is no guarantee on the best product. Plus, bringing them in means you still have to pick them up and transportation can become an issue, especially on larger orders.

Shop with us at the InsulationStop for your radiant barrier and foil insulation products. Whether commercial or residential, big or small we have the experience and products you require.  We specialize in getting you the best insulation at the best prices right to you.

We're a supply house that can still get you what you need. Business the old way, with the old people, and the material and prices are still good.

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