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  • Understanding and Buying Reflective Bubble Insulation - The In's and Out's

    So you are looking to buy bubble insulation? Bubble insulation can consist of all types of products in a variety of configurations. As the title of this post is for reflective bubble insulation we will focus only on these products, which we specialize in.

    There are two configurations available, single or double bubble. Single bubble measures out at a nominal 3/16" depending on manufacture and double bubble measures out at a nominal 5/16".

    These two configurations, double and single bubble are offered in two options. The first is foil on both sides of the bubble layers. The second option is foil on one side and white on the other. These are the white/foil or poly white products. White is used in cases where a white interior is preferred. We often see this in shops and metal buildings. In bubble insulation for packaging, you will also see foil only on one side as it is often not required on the other side. Poly white is also typically 10% to 15% less expensive than the foil on both sides product as the white vinyl is less expensive than the reflective aluminum layer.

    Sizes. What sizes are available? Size offerings change from supplier to supplier. At the Insulation Stop, we offer the nation's largest selection of material. From a small 24" x 10' (20 square foot) roll to a custom 10'™ x 125' (1250 square foot) roll, we have everything you require regardless of your application.

    Where is the bubble insulation made? By now you should expect all products you purchase and consume to be made all over the world. This is the same for reflective bubble foil insulation. Products come from Europe, the Middle East, China, Canada, Brazil, and more. Our InfraStop® bubble foil is made here, in the United States.

    Are there differences in product quality? Yes, for sure. Bubble insulation manufacturers make products for various industries including construction and packaging with varying levels of product quality. InfraStop® is created for the residential and commercial construction marketplace making it ideal in any application. A good way to measure the differences in bubble insulation before you purchase is to get bubble insulation samples and compare them against each other. You will be able to quickly tell the winners from the losers.

    Where can I install bubble insulation? Common installations for reflective bubble insulation include metal buildings and pole barns, crawlspace insulation, duct wrap insulation, and general wall and cathedral ceiling insulation. Bubble insulation is also used outside of the construction industry for insulating airplanes, coach buses, recreational vehicles, and for insulation in the construction of limousines. Reflective bubble insulation is also excellent in attics but a more cost effective solution is the sheet like radiant barrier product.

    Another large industry for bubble insulation is in packaging which we touched on before. It is here that you will find all of the other non-reflective bubble insulation that is used in countless packaging applications.

  • Comparing InfraStop® Foil Insulation to Ecofoil, Prodex, Reflectix and Others

    Foil insulation is used everywhere from agricultural buildings to barns to packaging and transportation. This list is endless. If you want a full list of applications for foil insulation, click the link to see more.

    InfraStop® insulation has advantages over other brands. As we always say, reflective foil insulation is not created equal. First, our products are all made in the United States. We don't deal with imports. This means everything is tested to the highest of ASTM standards.

    There are advantages to buying reflective insulation from Insulation Stop as well. We make products to order. This means there are no products sitting around in an overstocked warehouse. If product changes occur or code requirements and testing methods change, InfraStop® products are available immediately and in line with industry changes.

    We are the only supplier that can offer a full line of product sizes for all applications whether large or small. Our custom size ability allows for simpler and faster installs in large projects where specific sizing may be required. We compliment this flexibility by offering rolls in all configurations. Double and single bubble foil is available in both foil/foil and foil/white options. And don't forget about our multi-layered concrete pad for a vapor barrier and low cost thermal break for use under concrete slabs and around foundation walls.

    Whether shopping for Ecofoil, Prodex, Reflectix, AtticFoil, RadiantGuard, or any of the other reflective insulation brands on the market, make sure you have compared them to InfraStop®. Get foil insulation samples here to ensure you are buying the best. Please specify the product type you are interested in from our large selection.

    And if you already know the size and configuration you are looking for, you can find your product within seconds using our easy search page to shop foil insulation.

  • Insulation Stop Launches New Pole Barn Insulation System

    Insulation Stop, the nation's leading provider of radiant barrier and bubble foil insulation is pleased to offer the InfraStop® Pole Barn Insulation System to its customer base. This pole barn solution allows consumers the ability to insulate their pole barn or post frame building.

    The choice on how to insulate a pole barn or post frame building and which product to use is widely debated. Moisture and air infiltration as well as site specific considerations need to be determined. Fiberglass insulation has proved largely ineffective in insulating these areas. InfraStop® Pole Barn Insulation System was designed to provide one effective material for all applications.

    "Common new construction and retrofit applications this system covers include the roof and walls as well as under slab if one is present in two interior colors, foil and white.  Foil insulation performs exceptionally well in these applications. One reason is its resistance to moisture. Barns and post frame buildings are prone to condensation", stated Nick Semon, owner of Insulation Stop.

    "In heating seasons, radiant heat escapes through the walls and ceilings of your building. This can be especially wasteful if you are using an expensive fuel source. The foil insulation blocks this transfer of heat and reflects it back toward the interior space. The same concept applies in the other hotter months. The foil insulation blocks the transfer of radiant heat generated by the sun reflecting this heat before it enters your building. A radiant barrier, by definition blocks the transfer of radiant heat. Using reflective insulation in any application in this system is a great, low cost investment to reduce your heating costs."

    For more information on radiant barrier and reflective foil insulation, please visit InsulationStop.com.

    Nick Semon is co-owner of Insulation Stop. They offer individual and bulk orders of U.S. made radiant barrier and reflective bubble foil insulation products for commercial and residential use. The company is committed to offering extensive knowledge on the use and application of its reflective insulation products.

    Click here to view the original Pole Barn Insulation System press release.

  • Concrete Insulation: Why Use Tempshield Layered Bubble Foil?

    Tempshield makes a concrete insulation product that is designed specifically for under concrete slab or ground use.

    It's probably the most cost effective way to provide a thermal break and pick up some insulation value. Tempshield has been tested at an R 1.1 and does not require the use of a polyethelene sheet. With taped seams, the material doubles as a vapor barrier.

    We make rolls up to 10' wide and can easily cover any project. Additional advantages include ease of installation and handling. The product can easily be installed on uneven grade. Watch our video or shop with us online today.


  • Bubble Foil Insulation Availabe at the NEW Bubble Foil World

    Practically everyone has a use for bubble foil or bubble pack insulation. Use it for packaging and shipping. Use it for temperature control in long term storage.

    On the construction side, foil insulation can be used anywhere in conjunction with radiant heat and many other applications. Wrapping hot water heater and pipes is a great, low cost energy saving project.

    Anywhere you need temperature control you can use our Tempshield reflective insulation. Bubble Foil World is an online store that lets you easily choose the right products. We offer bubble foil insulation in four styles and several sizes, all at the best delivered price to you. Visit our store or contact us today.

  • A Comprehensive Review of Radiant Barrier Research Including Laboratory and Field Experiments

    Do you ever wonder how the insulation in your home works? This concept is one of the most challenging topics to explain to consumers. Explaining radiant heat and radiant barrier technology can be even more difficult as the transfer of radiant heat is invisible. It is also sometimes difficult to explain how using this technology in your insulation will save you money. But it can, and it does.

    An excellent article was recently released, A Comprehensive Review of Radiant Barrier Research Including Laboratory and Field Experiments, by Mario A Medina, PH.D., P.E. Dr. Medina is a member of ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers). Dr. Medina is also an associate professor in the Department of Civil, Environmental, and Architectural Engineering at the University of Kansas.

    This is a must read for consumers who want to better understand radiant barriers and how the technology works to improve energy consumption in homes and buildings. Although some of the information is complicated, much of it can be absorbed easily by those who are interested. This review is hot off the press. Please enjoy.

  • Pole Barns and Steel and Metal Building Insulation Advantages

    Using bubble foil or bubble pack insulation has certain advantages in pole barns, post frame buildings, and steel and metal buildings. Traditional insulations are typically installed directly to the roof deck. Condensation has been known to occur where they are applied in contact with the roof deck, especially if compression and vapor tight seams are present. Condensation caused by high humidity can cause corrosion, decreased thermal performance, possible mold and mildew. This results in extra labor and added material expense that can be costly.

    Reflective insulations applied in pole barns, post frame, and metal and steel buildings with a thermal break prevent metal to metal thermal bridging. This inhibits condensation problems by keeping the exposed insulation surface above dew point. Other benefits to installing reflective insulations are they are mildew resistant, have great thermal performance, are easy to install, and are safe and environmentally friendly. The material also resists rodents and nesting, provides a vapor retarder, and improves lighting.

  • Radiant Barrier Applications in our Everyday Use

    Used not only in construction, radiant barrier technology is all around us. Take a look at this list of applications broken out by industry we came across. Which one do you need reflective insulation for?

     Industrial: •Laboratories •HVAC Ducts •Pipes •Boilers •Tanks •Heat Shields Agricultural: •Pole Barns •Post Frame Construction •Metal Buildings •Incubators •Chicken Coops •Livestock Trailers
     Shipping: •Protects temperature-sensitive cargo: (candy, cigarettes, fruit, vegetables, meat, ice cream, dairy, pharmaceuticals, coffee) •Reefers •Railroad Cars •Box Liners •Thermal Bags •Thermal Mailers Food Service: •Transportation •Commercial Kitchens •Freezers and Coolers •Ovens •Delivery Bags •Packaged Food Wrap
     Automotive / RV •Conversion Vans •Headliners / Door Panels / Firewall •RV •Sunshields OEM: •Modular Buildings •Canvas Buildings •Heat Shields •Spas / Saunas •Coolers / Food Service Bags
     Additionally: •Aviation •Survival Gear
  • Insulation for Yurt Manufacturers

    Reflective Foil Yurt InsulationYurt building incorporates radiant barrier technology in its building design. By utilizing foil insulation, specifically bubble pack insulation, a radiant barrier is created keeping heat in or out depending on your climate. Whatever exterior layer used is also insulation acting primarily as a thermal break by blocking air movement. This is the basic insulation system used in yurt building. There are also some fiberglass roof insulation systems being used as well.

    Our Tempshield bubble foil insulation is the perfect product for your yurts. Made right here in the United States, it is the best quality product on the market. And at our prices, the best priced too. Click here for our contact page to obtain a sample.

    So if you are involved in the construction, design, or occupancy of yurts and want to source the best insulation please visit our website. Your ordering size does not matter. We are set up to get you the best price on the best quality Tempshield bubble foil yurt insulation at any volume. Click here for a single roll of foil bubble pack roll stock.

    Thanks for shopping at the InsulationStop, the leader in radiant barrier and reflective foil insulation products.

  • Retrofit Foil Insulation for Steel & Metal Buildings

    If you are outfitting your metal or steel building with insulation after it is constructed, reflective foil insulation may be a great choice for you. Your building may never have been insulated originally due to costs. Or, maybe you now plan to heat a portion of the building. Either way, reflective bubble foil insulation for steel and metal buildings is probably the most economical way to retrofit your structure and get you insulation value. There are many products on the market but nothing installs faster or more economically than our Tempshield foil insulation.

    Hover your mouse over the "Steel Building" image in the center of the page to see applications for your metal or steel building. Reflective both sides is for insulation that has foil on both sides. Reflective one side is one side reflective, the other white. White is used when you want a white interior facing to be exposed. Browse our different applications to understand how you can retrofit your building today.

    Order online or call us with any questions. Thank you for shopping at the InsulationStop, your leader in radiant barrier and reflective foil insulation products.

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