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  • Helping Your Animals Handle Heat Stress

    Heat Stress App Heat Stress App

    After the difficulties of the cold winter months, animal producers are glad that frigid weather is over for now. However, the weather patterns will soon be swinging to the other extreme when the blazing heat of summer arrives.

    Heat Stress in Animals

    Extremely hot temperatures are just as dangerous for animals as extremely cold temperatures can be. Those who raise pigs, chickens, and cattle must be aware of the effects of hot temperatures and take precautions to cool their animals off when a heat wave arrives. Watching your animals closely when the mercury soars will help you determine when you need to step in.

    • Poultry: Chickens can't sweat, so they rely on panting to cool themselves. Their normal body temperatures range from 103 to 107 degrees Fahrenheit. If a chicken's temperature reaches 113 degrees, they are in serious trouble. However, even slight heat stress can cause chickens to stop laying eggs, stop eating, and produce inferior eggs. If they get too hot, they can die.
    • Pigs: Pigs are extremely sensitive to heat. Even getting overheated for as few as two to six hours can upset the digestive systems of pigs, leaving them vulnerable to infections. Additionally hot pigs don't eat, meaning that they won't gain weight. Taking too long to get to market weight will affect your farm's bottom line. Pigs can't sweat, so they have to pant or wallow in the mud to cool off.
    • Cattle: Cows, especially those with black hides, suffer tremendously in the heat. Their internal digestion generates heat as their rumen microbes break down their food. Hot cattle will demonstrate increased respiration, increased heart rate, and increased panting. They will not gain weight and lactating cows will produce much less milk when it is really hot.

    Tips for Preventing Heat Stress

    If you are a livestock or poultry producer, you must have a plan in place to combat heat stress. You could stand to lose hundreds or even thousands of dollars when the temperatures rise. Even if you don't lose an animal, they will be less productive when it's hot, meaning that you won't make as much money as you might otherwise. Therefore, you should consider using these strategies to keep your animals cooler during the hot months of summer.

    • Water: Having plenty of water is essential to keeping your animals comfortable on hot days. Make sure that there are several water stations so that dominant animals don't keep the less dominant animals from getting all that they need. You may want to add some electrolytes to the water to help the animals maintain the appropriate electrolyte balance.
    • Ventilation: If your animals are housed in barns, keep the air moving by using fans and opening every window and door that you can. If your barn is overcrowded, you may want to either find another place for some of your livestock or sell a few of your animals to help the rest of them stay cooler.
    • Insulation: Many people think of insulation only when it's cold. However, using reflective bubble insulation can block the transfer of radiant heat from the outdoors to the indoors. Using this kind of insulation on barns, calf hutches, water tubs, and chicken houses will keep your animals much cooler and more comfortable during a heat wave. This is a very inexpensive way to combat heat stress.

    Technology Aids

    For cattle producers, you may want to look into some technological advances to help monitor your animals. The University of Missouri has created an app called Thermal Aid to help cattle farmers monitor the effects of heat on their animals. With this app, you can input your cows' respiration. The app coordinates this information with current weather conditions to help you know when your animals need additional help in getting cool.

  • Why InsulationStop.com? Testing and Certifications for Reflective Foil Insulation

    The reflective foil insulation industry continues to grow.  As consumers demand better alternatives to conserve energy and local building codes continue to evolve, the use of reflective insulation is more commonplace than ever.

    With this increasing demand comes an ever increasing marketplace where consumers can purchase material. Unfortunately this growth in supply makes it more difficult for the average consumer to ensure they are purchasing the best products available to them.

    Insulation is now imported into the United States from virtually everywhere in the world.  Consumers can buy foil insulation locally as well as from every corner of the internet including Amazon, Ebay, and even Craigslist.

    Private labels and packaging companies are popping up all over the place and marketing material as construction grade insulation. This is making it even more difficult for the buyer to understand where the product is manufactured and more importantly how it has been tested.

    Fortunately, there is the InsulationStop and our wide array of reflective insulation. All of our reflective bubble foil insulation is made in United States right in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Our products are fully tested to meet and exceed all American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards for reflective insulation.

    Furthermore, we and our manufacturers are all members of the Reflective Insulation Manufacturer's Association or (RIMA). This means that every product we sell has been fully tested and complies with every known standard available and they are all approved by RIMA, the governing body for reflective insulation manufacturers.

    As price is an important driving force in purchasing decisions, we also offer the best pricing available on all of our products all the time. We have custom roll size capabilities available as well.

    No matter how large or small your project is, we provide the best made material in the industry at the best prices right to your door, guaranteed. Confidence you can trust, only at the InsulationStop, your leader in radiant barrier and reflective foil insulation products.

    Click here for information on testing and certifications for our InfraStop® Reflective Foil Insulation.

  • 19 Other Applications for Bubble Pack and Bubble Foil Insulation

    Can you think of five instances where bubble pack or bubble foil insulation is used? If you do most will probably come from the packaging industry. Bubble mailers and box inserts are two examples.

    But this is only one application. There are eighteen more industries where bubble pack and bubble foil insulation are successfully used. See if you guessed any on the list.  Some of the answers may surprise you.

    2. Automotive 3. Transportation 4. Electrical Boxes 5. Medical and Pharmaceutical 6. Food and Beverage 7. Sporting Goods 8. Marine 9. Spas and Saunas 10. Wineries 11. Recreation Vehicles 12. Appliances 13. Agricultural 14. Aviation 15. Aerospace 16. Packaging 17. Electrical Enclosures 18. Plumbing and HVAC 19. Curtains

    The twentieth industry that bubble foil insulation is proven in is the building materials sector which comprises of both residential and commercial construction. Give us a call today regarding any applications you would like to use our insulation in.

  • Insulating Hot Water Heater Picture Slideshow

    A cool slideshow showing reflective bubble insulation being installed on a hot water heater. Thanks Ken!

  • Craigslist Radiant Barrier

    When searching for reflective insulation on craigslist you can find information for installations or even applications for companies seeking installers. But what if you wanted to purchase insulation? There is not a lot of information out there and we are not confident you should purchase your radiant barrier from craigslist.

    We only sell new items unless otherwise disclosed. Our prices are at an industry low. All of our products have been produced by North American manufacturer's who follow the strictest production guidelines. Unfortunately there are products now on the market that are inferior and produced in countries without sufficient testing procedures. Most often when purchasing building materials it is better to go with the industry standard or trusted source so you can be sure the quality of material you are using.

  • Foil Insulation, Fire, and Fire Rating Video

    In the radiant barrier world, there is a lot of talk about fire ratings. Here's an important video regarding fire rating with bubble foil insulation. Intertek is a worldwide group of testing laboratories for the textile, footwear, toys, petroleum and chemical industries. Covertech is the manufacturer of rFoil. This is worth watching. All of the products we sell on the InsulationStop or any of our stores, pass this fire testing. All of the insulation we sell is approved by the Reflective Insulation Manufacturers Association or RIMA.

  • Understanding and Controlling Condensation in Metal & Steel Buildings

    Dew Point Condensation CalculatorMoisture control is a major concern in metal and steel buildings. As moisture vapor is present to some capacity in every structure, condensation often becomes an issue.

    Adding insulation has a positive impact on energy consumption, but it does not mean that more or thicker insulation will reduce moisture problems. As metal buildings are made more airtight, their thermal efficiency increases. Interior moisture however is less likely to be reduced by the often drier outside air.

    Moisture will occur anytime air comes into contact with a surface that is at or below its dew point temperature. If you know the air temperature and relative humidity you can predict the temperature at which condensation will form. Use this chart to help you predict dew point temperature in your building.

    Example: If your metal building's inside temperature is 60°F and relative humidity is 50% then the dew point of the area is 41°F. Water will condense on any metal coming in the building that is below 41°F.

    Insulation such as reflective bubble foil is an economical means of reducing this problem. The material provides R-Value in metal building applications and is a vapor barrier with sufficient perm ratings to help control condensation.

    Finally, the proper ventilation of interior areas and air spaces above insulation is essential. In all metal buildings, natural or mechanically powered ventilation is always the most effective means available to help control moisture in a buildings interior.

    Hopefully you find this post helpful. Thank you for purchasing your Tempshield radiant barrier insulation at the InsulationStop, the pro's stop for the best quality and best insulation prices.

  • Why Doesn't Bubble Foil Insulation Pop under Concrete?

    Why The Bubbles Don't Pop Under Concrete Why The Bubbles Don't Pop Under Concrete

    Won't the bubbles pop in the foil insulation?

    We heard this recently on a large concrete pour. This question comes up now and again. For the math inclined here's a brief sketch regarding concrete weights per square inch for a 6" slab. The bursting strength measured in pounds per square inch for foil insulation ranges from 60-160 psi.

  • Foil Bubble Insulation for Metal, Steel, Post Frame Buildings and Pole Barns

    Are you insulating your Metal, Steel, Post Frame Building or Pole Barn? At the InsulationStop, we save you money. We know, especially on larger buildings, the time spent installing the insulation is a cost in itself.

    That's why we've created a program for professionals, builders, or DIY'ers to get the exact roll sizes you need for each building, making installation as fast and easy as possible. Roll sizes are available in 5', 6' 7' 8' 9' and 10' widths allowing you to quickly and efficiently insulate your buildings.

    All insulation is available in 100' lengths and is available in either single sided reflective white or foil on both sides.

    This is a program designed specifically for builders of metal, steel, post frame buildings and pole barns. All insulation widths are wider to accommodate various construction methods. We've bulked the roll sizes together delivering you the lowest price and most cost effective installation, at the same time.

    Please contact us with any questions. Thank you for shopping at the InsulationStop, your leader in radiant barriers and reflective foil insulation.

    Note: All orders will ship common carrier not UPS or Fed-Ex. Please make sure your property can accept large trucks prior to order. Due to the shipping costs of oversize widths, these products are non-returnable. 

  • Buy InsulationStop's Reflective Bubble Foil Insulation on Ebay

    InsulationStop's Radiant Barrier Bubble FoilFor all who are interested and enjoy the Ebay experience we now offer our best quality best price Double Bubble Radiant Barrier Foil Insulation on Ebay. Now Ebay shoppers can purchase our energy star, RIMA certified and approved insulation. We are offering our insulation in smaller lengths so Ebayer's can also enjoy the energy saving benefits of radiant barriers for smaller projects. Applications include recreational vehicles, airplanes, behind radiators and woodstoves, window insulation, hot tubs, garage doors, hot water heaters and food and medical packaging.

    Our best priced radiant barrier bubble foil 48" x 100' is also available to complete any of your more traditional insulation projects such as garages, sheds, attics, walls, ceilings, and non code duct wrap applications. For larger projects please shop on our main website.

    We've discovered a few issues our new Ebay shoppers aware of. Pay attention what materials you buy and where you buy them from. We supply commercial grade foil insulation designed for the insulation industry. Our products are made in America. You will not be able to find a superior reflective bubble foil product on the market. We hope these are just typographical errors from these two separate company's Ebay listings.

    Buy informed and still at the best price only at the InsulationStop. Double bubble products are 5/16" thick, single bubble is 3/16".

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