Reflective Foil Insulation for Commercial, Pole Barn, & Metal Buildings

Reflective Foam Core Insulation BoardHere is a great example of reflective insulation in use. This product is foil faced on both sides which helps with fire ratings for its foam core. Coupled with an airspace which may or may not be used in this application the product can act as a radiant barrier as well.

This is an example of a commercial building where both the exterior and interior will be finished. Board run products are typically used in these applications.

The next two images are of a pole barn built to accommodate offices as well as a distribution facility. The client used InfraStop™ for his pole barn insulation. With metal roofing and a humid climate, the client wanted to ensure that a reflective layer blocked the overhead heat from the interior spaces. Plus, reflective bubble insulation is an excellent insulator to control condensation, which is a potential problem in these metal buildings. Aluminum bubble foil’s thermal properties are unaffected my moisture and the product will not rot, warp, or decay.

For barns and metal buildings, it is the metal used that causes potential moisture issues. Whether in the framing or in the roofing material, metal is a great choice because it is cost effective, strong, and long lasting. It is also conductive and absorbs and loses heat quickly. Condensation can occur when the differences between the inside and outside air temperature and humidity levels reach a certain point, the dew point. Our reflective metal building insulation gives you a radiant and vapor barrier as well as a thermal break between the interior and exterior climates lowering the temperature and humidity differences and thereby lowering the chance of condensation.
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