attic radiant barrier

  • InfraStop® IS 24" Radiant Barrier - Newport, North Carolina

    This customer was interested in increasing his energy efficiency in his truss built attic in Newport, North Carolina. He choose InfraStop® IS for the 24" width which made it easy to install the insulation from the ridge to the eaves while going truss to truss. As you look at the pictures you will also notice HVAC duct lines running in the attic. This is very commonplace in certain areas of the country that are not prone to freezing temperatures. Notice the reflective duct wrap on the lines as this is definitely qualifies as an unconditioned attic space.

    The customer also upgraded and used spray foam insulation on the attic floor to replace the few inches of blown in fiberglass that was there from years before. The new attic, properly insulated with both a radiant barrier and conductive/convective heat stopping spray foam insulation is certainly much more efficient and will make the home more comfortable in both the heating and cooling seasons. Read more details on the temperature change noticed by the customer by clicking on the picture to see all the pictures pertaining to this project.

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