Air Sealing: An Important Step in the Insulation Process

Common Air Leak Areas in HomeA properly insulated home utilizes three fundamental principles. As your radiant barrier and reflective foil insulation supplier we help to address the obvious one, insulation. But what are the other two you may ask? Ventilation and Air Sealing.

When correctly used together, these components give you the most efficient, healthy home you can have. Ventilation is important to remove built up heat and moisture, predominately in attics. Air sealing is important to help conserve the use of heating and cooling systems, allowing these units to operate at their most efficient level. Without correct air sealing, your home's insulation cannot operate at its optimal level. It's a topic that is often overlooked in the insulation process. And it shouldn't be, because air sealing is generally inexpensive and can be done by virtually anyone, even novice homeowners.

This short, informative post is for consumers looking to get the most bang for their buck in their heating and cooling seasons. The U.S. Department of Energy has some great information regarding air sealing and we wanted to forward this on to you. Click on the picture to bring you to their Air Sealing Page or click the link to view the Energy Star's DIY Air Sealing Guide. We hope you find this information helpful. Please follow our blog to learn more about insulating and saving money.

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