Adding Attic Insulation, Don't Forget the Radiant Barrier

Read any energy saving article and you're sure to be reminded to add more attic insulation. Now that the focus is on energy savings, most homes, even ones built just a few years ago are now considered under insulated. Take a look at the Department of Energy's web site. They have a zip code calculator that gives recommended ratings for fiberglass insulation depending on your location.

Here comes the reflective foil insulation. If you are going up in your attic to add more insulation you are obviously concerned about your energy bills or making your home as efficient as possible. Don't come down from the attic without installing a radiant barrier. An attic radiant barrier will save you an extra 15% on your monthly utility bill.

Let's run some quick numbers. If your monthly heating or cooling bill is $200, the addition of a radiant barrier saving you 15% energy usage is $30 per month. That is $360 per year. For this amount you can insulate a 2000 square foot home. You will get a return on your investment in as little as one year. For larger homes, the monthly energy cost is more and therefore the savings. The ROI is still about a year.

From the practical side, you have already decided to invest in your home. You are already going to be working in the attic. Make sure to go the extra distance and insulate as effectively as possible. You'll save thousands while you own your home, increase the effectiveness of the fiberglass insulation, and create a barrier to control the transfer or radiant heat.

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