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  • Customer Project: Insulating Exhaust Line for Portable AC Unit

    Sometime in early March a customer called in looking to see if InfraStop® would work for his DIY project. P.J. in Boca Raton, Florida wanted to insulate the exhaust line on his interior air conditioning unit. The exhaust line was very warm and he was concerned that although he was cooling his bedroom, the exhaust line was making it harder for the air conditioning unit to do its job.

    We explained to him this is why InfraStop® is so effective for duct wrap insulation and in related HVAC applications. Even though his project was small, the principle was the same. He needed to control the radiant heat escaping the AC unit's exhaust line and keep it from entering his conditioned space, in this case his bedroom.

    P.J. was a little skeptical that our insulation would work as well as we explained so we decided to send him a roll at no charge in agreement that he would send pictures of his project and let us know how our material worked whether good or bad.

    We did our part and P.J. did his and now has a much cooler exhaust line on his interior AC unit. Take a look at the pictures and project narration he sent back to us. We love to see the difference in the thermometer. Thanks P.J!

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