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  • InfraStop® Bubble Insulation in Costa Rica: Under Metal Roof, Over Metal Purlins with Furring

    What a great project.  Look at InfraStop® insulation in action in this beautiful masonry home in Costa Rica.  We spoke with our customer M.F prior to him building his home.  He told us he wanted to use our insulation and explained the building and roof design.  We developed a good a rapport from there.

    Take a look at the project photos he forwarded to us.  Even though this is a beautiful masonry home, the roof structure and design is very similar to what we do with metal buildings here in the United States.  Notice the addition of wood furring over the purlins.  This creates a solid thermal break and eliminates the need for the recommended ¾” drape for this same installation without furring strips.

    A masonry home with a metal roof located in the tropics is a perfect InfraStop® project.  All of the attributes of the insulation are needed and InfraStop® fills them all.  A low profile, moisture proof insulation that reflects radiant heat, provides a vapor barrier, and provides some decent R-value.  Plus, when looking at the cost of all your building components, the cost of InfraStop® is minimal.

    Thank you very much for the images M.F.  Thank you for sharing.  We wish you well with your beautiful home.  Thank you for being our customer.

  • InfraStop® Post Frame Building Insulation - A Customer's Project

    InfraStop® post frame building insulation in action.  Take a look at this collection showcasing a customer's project.  This 4500 square foot post frame building was constructed in Southern New Jersey, about 45 minutes from Philadelphia.  InfraStop® double bubble foil insulation was used.

    For the roof, InfraStop® was installed over the trusses and above the purlins, then the metal roofing was installed.  For the walls, InfraStop® was installed on the outside of the girts and then the metal siding was installed.

    Click here for more information on the various application methods for installing post frame and pole barn insulation whether you have a new or existing building.

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