Review These Important Safety Guidelines Prior to Installation.

  • ALWAYS check local building codes before installing InfraStop® .
  • ALWAYS check the area you are insulating and make any needed repairs. Any worn wiring should be replaced before you begin installing InfraStop®.
  • ALWAYS make sure work areas are well ventilated and well lighted.
  • ALWAYS use eye protection when operating a staple gun.
  • ALWAYS use caution and common sense when using a staple gun. Be aware of where electrical wiring is located. Stapling into a wire can cause severe shock or death. NEVER staple into electrical wiring.
  • ALWAYS be careful when working with large pieces of InfraStop® on windy days.
  • When installing InfraStop® on bright sunny days, it is best to wear sun glasses.
  • Do not work in areas such as attics when temperatures are too hot.
  • Visit our website at for additional product and installation information.

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