Duct Wrap Insulaton R-6.0

Insulation for Duct Wrap, R-6.0 With Spacers

Installation Instructions

  • Make sure all metal joints, seams and penetrations are sealed.

  • In order to obtain the R-6-0, a 3/4” air space (spacer strip) is required between the InfraStop® double bubble insulation and the duct surface. A spacer strip can be created by cutting InfraStop® into 2” wide strips and double wrapping (the strips) around the circumference of the duct every 24”.

  • Verify the circumference of the duct at the mid-point of a spacer strip.

  • Cut the InfraStop® product to this length plus 2”.

  • Wrap the product around the duct and securely tape the linear and circumference seams (overlapping 1”- 2”) with a UL 181 Tape (goal is an air-tight, snug seam seal).

  • Do not leave any exposed duct or space where air can enter between the duct and the InfraStop®.

Duct Wrap Insulation Roll Sizes

2 Inch Spacer and Foil Tape

Thermal Insulation

Insulation for Duct Wrap - With Spacer - R-6.0

Product Information

InfraStop® Insulation products are a group of technologically advanced materials. They are ideal for new construction or retrofit applications in commercial, industrial, metal and post/frame buildings, along with many other DIY applications. When you think of insulation, you should think of InfraStop®. Our products are recognized for their thermal performance, easy installation, versatility, price and environmental friendliness.


  • Easy to handle and install
  • Convenient roll sizes
  • Class A / Class 1 Fire Rating
  • Inhibits dew point condensation
  • Vapor retarder (0.02 perms)
  • Does not compress, collapse or disintegrate
  • Non-toxic / non-carcinogenic

Testing and Certification

InfraStop® products are thoroughly tested at either nationally approved independent laboratories or leading universities. Tests are performed to current American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards when a standard exists. For a copy of an actual test report, please e-mail us at customer.support@insulationstop.com.

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