Project File - Pole Barn Insulation – New Jersey

Who: Customer

What: Insulate Pole Barn

Why: Minimize radiant heat gain and loss. Prevent condensation

Where: Somerset County, New Jersey

How: Insulated roof over purlins. Insulated walls on the inside of the girts between the posts.

This is a new construction post and frame barn with great installation pictures sent it by a customer. The pictures illustrate two typical installation methods when using reflective foil insulation. For the roof, the insulation was installed “over the purlins” which can only be done in conjunction with a new construction install or removing/replacing the metal roof. The insulation for the walls is installed “inside the girts” vertically from post to post. This can be done in new construction or retrofit applications.

New Jersey: Pole Barn Insulation 1

Picture 1: A look at the large side wall and gable area. You can see the reflective foil installed over the purlins.

New Jersey: Pole Barn Insulation 2

Picture 2: A look at the trusses and roof. In retrofit applications the insulation can be installed “under the purlins” or “under the truss”.

New Jersey: Pole Barn Insulation 3

Picture 3: A great shot of the trusses, insulation, and roof line.

New Jersey: Pole Barn Insulation 4

Picture 4: Showing the installation of the insulation on the walls. The insulation was installed vertically and attached to the girts. 4’ wide material was used for this job. Note this seams where the insulation meets are taped to provide a vapor barrier.

New Jersey: Pole Barn Insulation 5

Picture 5: Foil insulation installed to girts and rolled slightly and attached to posts. Seams taped at center.

New Jersey: Pole Barn Insulation 6

Picture 6: Insulated side wall with garage door. Possible garage door insulation project next?

New Jersey: Pole Barn Insulation 7

Picture 7: Side wall meeting trusses Insulated over purlins

New Jersey: Pole Barn Insulation 8

Picture 8: Insulated side wall. 48” x 100’ InfraStop foil double bubble insulation used for project.

New Jersey: Pole Barn Insulation 9

Picture 9: Insulation cut to fit where needed. Note right side of door.

New Jersey: Pole Barn Insulation 10

Picture 10: Finished picture showing gable, roof, side wall, and entry. has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.8/5 based on 542 ratings and reviews