Project File - Radiant Barrier Attic Insulation – North Carolina

Who: Customer

What: Attic Insulation

Why: Minimize radiant heat gain to keep attic cooler. HVAC unit is in attic.

Where: Newport, North Carolina

How: Insulated under roof joists

Feedback: A quote from customer, "...I have been monitoring the temperature up in the attic prior to and after the installation. I must say that I have noticed a very nice difference. Prior to installation the outside temp was 88 degrees and the temp in the attic was 105. Since I have completed the foil I have noticed that the temperatures outside on several different days were as follows: Outside 86 - Attic 92 / Outside 90 - Attic 97."

Our thoughts: Customer well understood how the product worked and also understood the best installation for his attic. This job could not have been completed better by a professional. Meticulous install.

This attic radiant barrier installation is for a residential home in North Carolina. The customer wanted to lower attic temperatures in the summer months. Note the HVAC duct work is in the attic which is commonplace in many homes in the country. Also note the flexible ducts have been wrapped in a reflective HVAC insulation. You can see that spray foam insulation has been added to the attic floor. This updgrade will help all year in controlling energy costs. The attic is a truss built attic. Customer chose to use Infra® IS 24" radiant barrier insulation and span from rafter to rafter insulating down from the ridge to the eaves.

North Carolina: Attic Radiant Barrier 1

Picture 1: Customer installed thermostat in attic to measure temperature prior to and after installation.

North Carolina: Attic Radiant Barrier 2

Picture 2: A look at a completed area on the left side. You can see the spray foam insulation in the floor as well as the HVAC branch line wrapped in reflective insulation.

North Carolina: Attic Radiant Barrier 3

Picture 3: A look at completed area on the right side of attic. The uninsulated ventilation line is from an exhaust fan either from the kitchen or bathroom area.

North Carolina: Attic Radiant Barrier 4

Picture 4: Showing finished left corner of attic with unfinished gable.

North Carolina: Attic Radiant Barrier 5

Picture 5: You can see the radiant barriers sections have been precut for length and the installation was started from the ridge line working downward.

North Carolina: Attic Radiant Barrier 6

Picture 6: Installation continued. You can see the 24" wide material clearly being used in this picture.

North Carolina: Attic Radiant Barrier 7

Picture 7: Installation continued further down attic. It is clear to see how the 24" material can make it easier to install depending on your attic configuration.

North Carolina: Attic Radiant Barrier 8

Picture 8: Left side of attic complete.

North Carolina: Attic Radiant Barrier 9

Picture 9: Plywood down allowing customer to walk. Gable insulated. Radiant barrier attic project complete.

North Carolina: Attic Radiant Barrier 10

Picture 10: Finished picture showing gable, eaves, and corner of left side of attic. has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.8/5 based on 542 ratings and reviews