Garage Door Insulation Project: Texas, 06-2013

Project File - Garage Door Insulation

Who: Customer

What: Insulate Garage Door

Why: Minimize radiant heat gain through door. Customer has workshop and utilizes air conditioning

Where: Greater San Antonio, Texas

How: Insulated on framework from panel to panel. Used ¾” self-tapping screws to hold insulation on. Added pieces on side to trap air (see pictures). Trimmed each panel instead of overlapping material for aesthetics.

Feedback: Customer stated garage is easily 8-12 degrees cooler. Mini split A/C unit installed and only has to drop the temperature 10 degrees not versus 20-22 before the installation.

Our thoughts: This is the best garage door insulation installation we have ever seen. The reason is because the customer is meticulous and understands the mechanics of heat transfer. By applying InfraStop® on the frame of the garage door a generous 2” airspace was created. By blocking the side channels this airspace was preserved. Trapped airspaces are great insulators. This also allows the foil insulation optimal efficiency as well.

By screwing the insulation into the frame at each bend in the door allows for one, a permanent install. There is no worry of tape adhesion to the door not holding up. Construction adhesives can be avoided as well. These are difficult to get off door and will damage the insulation if it ever needs to be removed.

Secondly, by screwing above and below each bending point in the door, it can be open and closed with no obstructions or material rubbing against each other. By removing hardware and reapplying where needed this garage door insulation application not only looks fantastic but performs extremely well too!

Texas: Garage Door Insulation 1

Picture 1: The first item completed was to block and trap the air from escaping out of the side by filling the channel. Pieces of insulation were cut to fit and pressed in. Note the 2 panel areas. Note also the large airspace created by installing the insulation on the frame and not the door.

Texas: Garage Door Insulation 2

Picture 2: The distance between each panel where the door panel opens is 22”. 24” InfraStop™ double bubble white foil was cut down to 22” and installed edge butted to each other from panel to panel. As the primary purpose was keeping heat out, white was used to the interior and foil to the exterior.

Texas: Garage Door Insulation 3

Picture 3: ¾” self-tapping screws were used to hold the insulation. Door hardware was either removed and reinstalled or the insulation was trimmed to fit around the hardware.

Texas: Garage Door Insulation 4

Picture 4: The picture shows the start of one panel. Note how the insulation is run right to the line where the door opens on each panel. Note the hardware on top of the insulation.

Texas: Garage Door Insulation 5

Picture 5: Finished product. Excellent visual appeal and thermal benefit. Care taken in installation makes it permanent. has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.8/5 based on 542 ratings and reviews